June 18, 2021

We recorded our First Hypospadias Corrective Surgery

Patient Name:


Our son, Adekitan, was diagnosed with Hypospadias at birth. We had never heard about the congenital disease, but we were assured that a corrective surgery could take care of it when he gets a bit older. Our son was born in the US but we couldn’t travel to the US for corrective surgery due to the pandemic. We began seeking alternative options and that led us to Evercare hospital where we proceeded with the corrective Hypospadias surgery for our son at 17months of age.

We met the Paediatric Surgeon, Dr. Arua Igwe, who was reassuring, confident, friendly and approachable. “The perfect kind of doctor for children,” we thought. He provided answers to all our questions and concerns without being judgemental and we were excited and at peace to carry out the surgery at EHL. The surgery went smoothly and we were asked to stay a night for observation and monitoring.

Our post-care at EHL however had a little glitch as there was a slight miscommunication among the nurses on duty that night, which made our son miss one of his pain medications. He was eventually discharged the following day after taking his antibiotics.

In general, the hospital and all its workers were warm and receptive. The receptionist, nurses, and doctors were great. The food was impressive, and I appreciated that my son’s Amala was shaped like a teddy bear because he was a child-patient. By the time we were leaving, everyone knew our son by name, were very friendly towards us and treated us like we were the only patients in the hospital.

Thank you, Evercare, for giving us close to a first-class international experience right here in Lagos, Nigeria.

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